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EML 101 VCA/ MODULATOR by TonAtelier

The VCA and Modulator of the EML 101 Synthesizer in Eurorack Format.
A replic of the original transistor and opa based schematic build for the eurorack environment. The VCA is controlled by the ENV input, via the MOD input any signal can be used for modulation. In the first part of the modulation controller, the drive of the amp is controlled, after that the modulation is added.

The module is build completely through hole and only high quality parts were used. Good quality is chosen over cost cutting.

The VCA adds a nice and rich colour. The modulator can change the sound completely. Because of the continous regulator for the amp and modulator you can seemlessly fade between the subtle drive and heavy modulation. By this you can find your perfect sweetspot.

The module with is 8 HP and the depths is 25mm. It comes with a 20cm power cable.

The module will is available as Eurorack standard aswell as a 5U Module.

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