EML 101 VCF Module

Get the unique sound of the EML 101 into your Eurorack!

With its raw and musically sound, the EML 101 Synthesizer influenced musicians like Skinny Puppy, Tommy Mars, Foreigner and Sylvester. The EML is a rare synth insider tip, because of its limited quantity and its characteristic sound.

TonAtelier Lauter is now bringing back the exceptional multimode filter, completely compatible with the modern eurorack standard.

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The filter

The EML VCF combines Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass in one module. By the possibility to fade continuously between the filter modes you can find your own sweet spot and create unique sounds. You don’t have to decide between which type of filter and can just fade, without interruptions. The filter shows sonically rough edges and still sounds full and warm. A raw and punchy sound, if desired, supported by the really musically resonance.

The filter is completely Through Hole, fully analog and exclusively built up by the best components. In addition to the tune control, with which you can control the cutoff by four octaves, the CV input allows for 1V/ Oct control (as opposed to 1.2V in the original EMLs). The temperature stable exponential amplifier of the filter makes flawless Key Tracking possible, so it can follow the pitch of oscillators.

About TonAtelier Lauter

The TonAtelier is a young module manufacturer focusing on high quality, unique modules. Specialized on exciting and great sounding niche products, away from mass production.

Technical Data

The schematic of the filter is fundamentally different to other filters, due to the EML 101 being one of the first synthesizers heavily relying on OP Amps.

  • Filter type: Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass. 12dB/ Octave
  • CV Input: 0-5V, 1V/ Octave
  • Width: 10HP, Depth: 55mm
  • Voltage: +-12V
  • Color: Available in black and silver


EML 101 VCF module, power cable, rackscrews, washers, quick start guide

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