uA726 Replacement Chip

The first real drop in replacement for the famous uA726 heated transistor array. This chip comes pre-built, pre-calibrated, is the most compact in size and doesnt need any circuit modifications, as it has the same characteristics as the original uA726. Suitable for repairs and new builds.

Just solder it in and be happy with your working synth!

Your advantages with the uA726 replace:

  • Pre-built
  • Pre-calibrated
  • Superb temperature stability
  • Wide voltage range of 12V-25V
  • Compact size of only 16x16x10mm
  • Current gain >300 (same as uA726)
  • Excellent current gain match <4%
  • Excellent log conformance

Pin 7 needs a connection to the ground of the synthesizer (which by default is the case in most synths). If that is not the case in your synth, just manually connect pin 7 to ground or use the ground pad on top of the uA726 replace.
For any questions regarding the uA726 replace or if you need any help feel free to contace me!

For larger quantities please contact me directly.

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